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FCAA strives to spotlight the leadership of top funders engaged in supporting strategies and populations of focus that are critical to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

This section provides an important opportunity to highlight the leadership and diversity of organizations that constitute the philanthropic response to HIV. On these top 10 lists you will find names recognizable from the overall top 20 funder list down to smaller, community-rooted and intermediary funders, as well as organizations that address HIV through intersectional approaches. FCAA members are heavily represented on these lists. You will find additional top funders lists in the regional profiles.

FCAA Member
2021 Top 10 Funders of General Operating Support2021 Top 10 Funders of BIPOC Communities (U.S.)2021 Top 10 Funders of Advocacy2021 Top 10 Funders of PrEP2021 Top 10 Funders of Gay Men and other MSM2021 Top 10 Funders of Sex Workers2021 Top 10 Funders of Transgender Communities2021 Top 10 Funders of Women and Girls2021 Top 10 Funders of People Who Use Drugs2021 Top 10 Funders of Children and Youth2021 Top 10 Funders of Capacity Building / Leadership Development2021 Top 10 Funders Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic